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Kamakari Kenta::04/07

Posted on 2007.04.07 at 14:10
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04/07 - Finally (>_<)
Tomorrow is the new fan club event☆
The nervousness increases (laugh)
I can meet everyone in the event and have fun.

Don't you think so? The day after tomorrow, everyone will rise together!

Oh, the picture was taken before the VISUAL story was photographed!!
I went to the Shinigawa Aquarium☆
The underwater tunnel is fun, don't you think♪

This starts the preperation, which makes sleep nessesary for tomorrow★

It's completed~(^O^)


Kato Kazuki::04.07

Posted on 2007.04.07 at 14:06
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The first day of 「Kazuki Kato Live "GIG"2007~FACE~TOUR」 has safely ended today!!

Ah~, I was nervous after all (´~`;)
It was fun, and the audience came in together.
After all, it's the most fun to meet with everyone in the concert!!
Thank you, I really appreciate it!
Still, the tour just started, don't you think?
Today was fun, and when everyone is having a good day, it's delightful.
In addition, we'll do our best tomorrow, too.
Hiroshima is waiting~!!!


Seto Koji::04.06

Posted on 2007.04.06 at 17:55
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04/06 - Seto Circle 90

This is Seto!

A large copy of me was taken☆ [T/N: You'll understand what he means later.]
It is said that being similar is good, and our glasses and clothing are both similar.
Everyone, what do you think?

Suddenly, there is a problem here!
Well, which one am I? (^^)?
You understand the problem now, right?
[T/N: Okay I had no clue what this last line meant.]



Shinpei Takagi::04.05

Posted on 2007.04.05 at 14:43
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04/05::My Favorite Food

I haven't seen everyone in a long time
Don't you think?

Is everyone vigorous? We're all energetic as usual
Thank you, Sawayama, for your comment! I'll read it very carefully,
Really everyone, thank you☆(^O^)
If you walk around today, the cherry tree's are blossoming throught the city,
There are so many cherry trees on the lawns! o(^-^o)(o^-^)o

The cherry trees are really pretty, don't you think?  Did everyone do Hanami?  Here's the continuation for the rest of the entry [T/N: which I am not going to translate, since I'm lazy. =w=]...


Date Kouji::04.05

Posted on 2007.04.05 at 14:30
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04/05 - Even in a place like that

Even in a place like that...



Posted on 2007.04.04 at 14:25
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04/04 - TAKUYA

I'm truly improving a lot,
The picture I took before was when I was simply taught cooking,
It causes misconception that I cooked it.

It wasn't a girl.


Kiriyama Ren::04.01

Posted on 2007.04.01 at 19:52
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04/01::Finishing Dream Live 4th

ドリライ4th<br /><br /> を終えて
Dream Live 4th was fun!!

Everyone~, how was Marui Bunta? *laugh*
Everyone lived and grew together!

It's at it's highest! (´^ิ益^ิ`)
With the live, it went from practice to production.
Don't you think so?

『Power is the best』!
But also, love your own 『blood shot』♪ [T/N: Whaaat? o__o]

Seeing us in the uniform on stage made you laugh(^^)v

6 days from now is what?!

The correct answer is copying me from above!(^^)v

In the beginning, it makes me so nervousー(゜д゜;)

For the details, go to http://www.mrw.jp/.